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Monster Cookies 

So what's all the hype about anyway?

Hey Mumma! Thanks for supporting my small biz & investing in yourself.


Now its time to sit back with a cuppa, enjoy a cookie and relax!

These cookies are best stored in an airtight container on your bench and will last for as long as you can resist them for. These cookies can be frozen and defrosted but are best enjoyed fresh.


Consuming 1-2 per day can be helpful to your supply but it is best to assess what you think you need or reach out for guidance depending on your situation, supply and goals.


Removing milk from your breast is the best form of stimulation that will increase your supply BUT these sure do help and have active ingredients proven to increase supply.


Inside these cookies are GALACTAGOGUES in the form of oats, brewers yeast, LSA and coconut oil to assist boost supply along with the increase of calories consumed and the cuppa to help with hydration! If you have ongoing concerns please don't hesitate to reach out, If I cant help I can refer you onto an IBCLC that can.


Happy Milk making Mumma

Much love ,G xxx

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