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Big Things





 First session

• This is where I become a part of the team and really get to know you and your partner - likes, dislikes, family dynamics, etc.

• Let’s chat about your questionnaire and what has come up for you with those questions

 • Your dreams and visions for the birth space and how you envision your birth

 • Let’s go deep and chat about any fears, concerns, etc. you may have surrounding this pregnancy, birth or motherhood

• Debrief about previous birth experience/s

• Questions

Second Session

• Discussing and making your custom birth plan

• Expecting the unexpected • Pain relief education

• Intervention education

• Newborn basics

• Practice positions and breathing techniques to get you through labour including some light touch massage

Third Session

• Let’s go through the contents of my doula bag

 • Are your bags packed?

• How are you feeling? A mini release session to calm you and center you before birth

•  Postpartum planning including feeding methods, safe sleeping and coming home from the hospital

All these sessions might seem very "to do list" style but I am not a cookie cutter doula. I will always tailor my sessions to what you need in that moment but ensure we cover all we need to so you can ROCK your birth!




So its baby time. This is when you do you boo! As previously discussed in your birth plan I will come to you when the time is right and create the most magical space that I can. I will do all I can to be there for you Mumma 110% from when you need me until I feel like you are as set up as you can be. This is where I can actually wear my active wear and be active! Hip squeezing, shoulder massaging, Rebozo moving QUEEN is here for you!

These are just some of the things I will do during labour, I really cant list them all because just like birth it will take its own path 


• Set up your dream birth space, Lover of fairy lights ,music, nice smelly things then consider it done

• Ensure everyone is aware of birth plan and provide copies to go around just incase

 • Protect you and your birth space, mitigate energy and people coming in and out

• Help you ride the wave of each contraction and emotions

• Keep you fed and watered as well as your partner

• I can provide further explanation/clarification on medical instruction or suggestion

• Taking care of all the little, yet important things that you wont notice like tying your hair up, grabbing blankets, putting socks on your feet if they get cold, moisturising your lips & more

 • Capture the first precious moments together

• Stay close to ensure everyone is well and settled before slipping away to ensure uninterrupted bonding time 



We have arrived at my favourite part of my services to you and your family.


During the next few weeks I will come to you and love on your new little family HARD but in the most non creepy way possible. 

We will re hash some of the things we had already spoken about because baby brain is REAL and also enjoy this time in the postpartum. This is a special time for you, your partner, family and those closest to you, but for me, your little family is all I care about. These are some of the ways I will show you...


• We will talk about baby wearing again, safe sleep and any things that might be coming up

  • Feeding help 101 including latch, education and COOKIES

 • Light duties like a freshly made bed, dishes, washing and tidying up

 • Goodies, all the drool worthy goodies and something hot and delicious for later on

 • Bath/Shower and nap time for Mumma, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this one!


Depending on what package you choose will be what is included, All these things can be changed to suit your needs. If you have a Fur baby, another child or something thats not "included" please let me know and Ill see if its in my skill set. You never know, I might just end up feeding your horse, because I can do that too!  

Digital Doula

In your pocket 24/7...

Wanting something a little out of the box then this is for you!

Full customizable digital doula services straight to any device you choose, we will work together on all platforms to bring to life your birth dreams, from 5 minuets down the road with raging restrictions or the other side of Australia or the WORLD because you just know you need me in your corner.


If you have a smart device then you have a doula! This is great for people that want and need the support but might not have all the funds available to have that 'in person' experience. 

Love Note
Soul Trader Headshots-051.jpg
Just a quick love note, 

I believe every family should have access to support- No matter the cost.

If you or someone you know are having a hard time and need a hand, Reach out so we can work something out together.

Payment plans are available for any of my services, No matter how big or small. I invite a judgement-and-obligation-free discussion, please don't be shy!

Bellow you will find my guide.

Packages start from $150 and go up to $2800, as a rough guide.

Much Love,
Georgia Gardiner xxx
Investment Guide

Georgia Gardiner  

Mornington Peninsula 

Melbourne & Surrounds

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