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Steph / Samuel 

Georgia has been my baby google throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. She is a wealth of knowledge and I would often flick her a text with a question before turning to Google as I would get a direct answer without having to sift through mountains of information. During the last trimester of pregnancy she was always willing to share her knowledge and links that were really useful in assisting me build my knowledge and to be prepared and less fearful of the birthing suite.  

When my ideal birth plan went pair shaped and we were advised to schedule an elective c-section (due to my own medical problems and baby turning breech), She was someone I felt I could be completely open with and my very raw emotions were heard and thoughtfully comforted. She has been a great support and was able to lift me out of a pretty dark place. Georgia is the most thoughtful in her friendly check ins and wise words postpartum. She has been most helpful when hearing my complaints of breastfeeding injuries, lack of supply and although breastfeeding is one of the best things of being a mum, it can be a little isolating and hard work.  

One of the most beautiful gifts I received postpartum, were her delicious lactation cookies. Just the right size for a one handed snack at 3am when you are starving with a screaming babe.  

Georgia is one of the best friends you could have through a pregnancy and with a baby. 

Leah / Amelia 

In today’s maternal landscape it can be so easy to get coerced and railroaded into extensive medical intervention by GPs and the Public Hospital system. Having Georgia by my side throughout both of my pregnancies as a support and wealth of external knowledge when it came to my “options” was priceless!


My first birth was a beautiful, uncomplicated water birth where I got to labour mostly at home so when I found out I had Gestational Diabetes with my second baby and also was Group B Strep positive I was really upset that I wasn’t going to be able to have another water birth.


This is when Georgia really shon, she helped me see that I had not lost all of my power and options as to how I wanted to birth this baby. She helped me get into the right headspace to stand my ground with the hospital and I ended up having a fast 3hr labour where I utilised her pain management techniques she had taught me in the weeks leading up to my due date. After I gave birth to my little girl, Georgia brought me lactation cookies and also helped me through my first ever bout of mastitis which we managed to catch early before I got really sick!


Without her I probably would have just stayed at home and tried to “tough it out” but Georgia encouraged me to head to the hospital ASAP for antibiotics! Georgia was/is only ever a text message, phone call or cuppa away and that to me is worth it’s weight in gold!!!

Kellie/ Lacey 

Georgia was made to support people, She is the most supportive person I  have ever met.


After having my baby she was always so thoughtful and caring, she listened to so many teary phone calls always telling me "You've got this Mumma". Her mantra of "Don't quit on your hard days" got me through some of my worst days breastfeeding on my journey.


She baked lactation cookies and brought me food all without me asking. She is the person you want to support you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum, She has supported and encouraged me into the mum I am today. 

Ashlee /Isla 

When I went into labour with Isla at 34+1, I was petrified. Only the week before I found out I had pre-eclampsia and I had been in and out of hospital for lack of movements of Isla. So when Isla arrived early, she unfortunately wasn't in a good way and she was rushed to The Royal Women's NICU.


Unfortunately, I was battling my own health issues and the hospital couldn't risk moving me to The Royal Women's so I couldn't be with or see my baby. Georgia while she couldn't be there for the birth rushed to The Royal Women's to be by Isla's side. She Facetimed me so I could see Isla and speak to her and held her little hand for me.


If it weren't for Georgia, I don't think I would have the amazing bond Isla and I have now and I don't think I would have been able to produce the breast milk I did without being able to see my baby. It made my trauma a lot easier to cope with knowing my baby was in good hands and had someone by her side who loved her. 

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